Urbantribe - collection urbantribe 2013

Every being, every object is made of Yin and Yang, a contrast that draws a line between opposites that attract. The contrast in an image is the difference between the highest value, the brightest area, and the lowest value, the darkest area. Just like photography, hair fashion also has strong contrasts. Because every style has elements that are an antithesis of one another but make the hair style unique. A hair style that contains a classic but alternative soul, a female and male essence, a static but moving reality. The result is the juxtaposition between matt and shine, curl and straight, rock and glam. Exactly as for black and white, the opposite elements belong to the whole. Each and every one of us must find the correct distance in order to perceive the spaces that separate and at the same time unify the contrasts that are a part of us. Because contrasts are opposites but in the end one cannot exist without the other.